Programming in the web browser

q4Logix is a full graphical development environment for IEC61131 applications. It is designed for high-level function block programming based on function blocks from the respective hard- and software supplier. These function blocks can be written in C or assembler language.

function block offline

q4Logix is a client/server application running in the web browser. Thereby the browser is not only used as a passive medium to display data, but to be used as an active medium to edit and generate data.

The application runs smoothly and without problems under unfavourable web infrastructure conditions or via mobile access, since communication demand between server and client is reduced to a minimum.

The web application is based on international technology standards and can be smoothly integrated into existing web applications. In addition, the product can be easily adapted to the look & feel of individual OEM web sites.

Online debugger

For diagnostics purposes an integrated online debugger is available. The debugger runs like the entire application in the web browser.

Debugger with trend diagram

The debugger shows current values of the variable and allows to change them for test purposes.

The latest version includes the option to view trend diagrams for multiple variables.

Short turnaround cycles for code generation and reloading of less than 1s supporting the failure diagnostics




Key Values

The web based IEC 61131 IDE q4Logix offers the following added values:

  • designed for small to medium sized automation applications
  • runs on different web server architectures
  • highly customizable in its appearance and functionality
  • runs in user' favorite web browser
  • accessible with any device from desktop to mobile
  • has the look & feel of a full-featured desktop application
  • builds on SSL security as also used in electronic banking, for e-mails or B2B order processing

Key Features

q4Logix comes with the following features:

  • IEC61131-3 FBD (Function Block Diagram)
  • Drag & Drop graphical editor
  • Cause & Effect programming (C&E)
  • easily operated by mouse or touch
  • free working area with snap-to-grid function
  • predefined data types, function & function blocks
  • integrated graphical online debugging


Let's take you thru a brief introduction of q4Logix

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